What Is A Consideration In Law?

A promisee gives a promisor something in exchange for it. Real or physical property, a return promise, an act, or a forbearance are all examples of common sorts of consideration. A contract must have consideration or a legitimate replacement. Contracts and business law

Similarly, What is the meaning of consideration in law?

In contract law, consideration is an incentive to engage into a contract that is sufficient to make the commitment enforceable in the courts. The technical prerequisite is that the person making the promise suffers a loss or that the other person benefits.

Also, it is asked, What is consideration in law with example?

Consideration may be anything of value pledged by one party to the other when establishing a contract: if A forms a contract to purchase a vehicle from B for $5,000, A’s consideration is $5,000, and B’s consideration is the automobile.

Secondly, What do mean by consideration?

1: cautious consideration: contemplation Give my suggestion some careful thought. 2: consideration for other persons. 3: anything that should be thoroughly considered before making a decision or acting. 4: a monetary exchange for anything.

Also, What is consideration in a civil law?

Concerning Consideration The Issue: Consideration is defined as anything obtained via negotiation and trade in return for a contract commitment. Consideration is essential for a contract to be enforceable in common-law countries. In civil-law countries, consideration is not necessary.

People also ask, Why is consideration important in contract law?

The burden of the other party is the consideration, which is the advantage of the contract for one party (say, getting money) (say, paying money). The contract cannot be legally binding unless each party to the deal gives it due attention. As a result, gratuities are not legally enforceable.

Related Questions and Answers

What is good consideration?

Moral responsibility or natural duty and attachment are the foundations of good consideration. Consideration for love and devotion inside a degree, for example, is recognized by law. Natural responsibility, charity, and caution are some instances of excellent consideration.

What are the 4 types of consideration?

Real or physical property, a return promise, an act, or a forbearance are all examples of common sorts of consideration.

What are the 3 requirements of consideration?

Each side must make a pledge, act, or stop from acting (refrain from doing something).

What are included in consideration?

Consider the following factors: A bargain for the exchange conditions must be included in the contract. This implies that there must be something worth negotiating about for both sides. The parties must communicate with one another. In basic words, the contract must benefit all parties involved.

What does kind consideration mean?

1 having a pleasant or generous disposition. 2 beneficial to others or another a good act 3 thoughtful or compassionate

What is good consideration in contract law?

It must have some value, even if it is little, to be worthy of attention. Which means that when the parties trade value, the value exchanged must be sufficient but not adequate.

What is valid consideration in contract law?

A valid consideration is one that results in either profit or loss for one party. To be included in the trade, each contracting party must provide consideration.

What is consideration in UK contract law?

Consideration is “anything of value” delivered in exchange for a promise and is necessary for the promise to be enforceable as a contract. Traditionally, this is either a disadvantage to the promisee (in that he may contribute value) or a benefit to the promisor (in that he may receive value).

Does consideration have to be money?

First, money isn’t the only factor to consider. It might be anything valuable, such as another item or a service. Second, what you negotiate for does not have to fit anybody else’s value criteria, and courts have routinely declined to weigh in on the issue.

What does receive consideration mean?

Definitions related to Consideration The amount of cash and the Fair Market Value of consideration other than cash received by the shareholder as of the Consummation Date is referred to as “received.”

Why is consideration so important?

Because it outlines why each party is entering the agreement, consideration is one of the most significant components of a contract. Consideration may be defined as the exchange of money for goods or services, or as the exchange of one sort of commodity for another.

Why is consideration needed?

The parties must trade something of value in order to form a legally binding contract. “Consideration” is the name given to this variable. One of the three essential conditions for making a contract is consideration.

What is not a consideration?

If any of the following is true, a contract may be lacking in consideration: The commitment cannot be made legally (or practically). An offer is made for something that has already been completed (“past consideration“) and hence cannot be negotiated.

What is consideration in contract law PDF?

consideration. One party to a contract’s act, forbearance, or promise that serves as the price for which he buys the other’s promise. INTRODUCTION. Consideration is another important component in the creation of a contract. A promisor wants consideration as payment for his pledge.

What does no consideration mean in law?

It essentially implies that the property is transferred through deed rather than money being exchanged.

Which of the following are examples of consideration?

Which of the following is an example of thought? A benefit to the promisor, a disadvantage to the promisee, a promise to do something, or a promise to abstain from doing something are all examples of consideration.

What is the difference between acceptance and consideration?

The distinction between acceptance and consideration as nouns is that acceptance is the act of accepting; a receipt of anything provided with approval, contentment, or acquiescence; notably, good reception; approval, while consideration is the act of considering (the process of considering).

What are the main features of consideration?

The following are the key elements of a legitimate consideration, as defined by Section 2(d): It is provided “at the promisor’s request”; It might come from anybody. It might be a concern from the past, present, or future. It must be genuine and valuable.

How do you ask for consideration?

Member Request attention (consideration) or ask for attention (request) (consideration) I’m writing to ask for your assistance. I’m writing to seek for your help. I’m writing to ask for your help. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

How do you use consideration in a sentence?

Consider the following statement. Someone was making choices that would affect her life once again. He was affected by the final thought. He had treated her with deference, compassion, and affection. Along with the contemplation in his faltering voice, she sensed a touch of hesitancy. I’m requesting that you show some consideration.

What does Thanks for your consideration mean?

‘Thank you for your consideration’ is a phrase used to express gratitude for a contact’s interest in your product or service.

Can $1 be adequate consideration?

The one dollar is considered a token amount and so insufficient. The one dollar is effectively fictitious money that the courts can see through. On the other hand, poor negotiating does not always result in an unenforceable contract.

What will happen if consideration is missing in an agreement?

Simply said, without consideration, there is no contract. As a result, only if there is a consideration can a contract be enforced. While considerations are essential to a contract, the Indian Contract Act of 1872 stipulates that an agreement formed without consideration is not invalid.

What is consideration paid?

A payment given by one party to another in return for the transfer of something of value is known as consideration. Payment of property, settlement of an obligation, or forbearance are all examples of consideration.

Without consideration, a contract is not regarded legitimate. A contract must include contemplation, an offer, and acceptance in order to be legally binding.


“Consideration” is the benefit given to one party in return for a promise made by the other. Consideration can be anything of value and can be either tangible or intangible. The “consideration in contract law” is something that must be considered when discussing contracts.

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