Is Dennis Quaid Rick Harrisons Brother-In-Law?

We all know Dennis Quaid as the Hollywood actor, but did you know that he’s also Rick Harrison’s brother-in-law? That’s right, the star of the hit show “Pawn Stars” is married to Dennis Quaid’s sister, Tracy.

So how did these two end up being related? Well, it all started when Tracy and Rick met back in the early 1990s. They were both working in the entertainment industry at the time and they hit it

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Dennis Quaid’s relationship to Rick Harrison

Dennis Quaid is an actor who is married to Rick Harrison’s sister, actress Meg Ryan. The two have been married since 1991 and have three children together.

How the two men met

Dennis Quaid and Rick Harrison, the star of the reality TV show Pawn Stars, are brothers-in-law. Harrison is married to Quaid’s sister, Tracy. The two men met when Harrison was set up on a blind date with Tracy by a mutual friend.

The similarities between the two men

Although Dennis Quaid and Rick Harrison are not related, they do have some things in common. Both men are actors and have been in a number of popular films. They also both have a background in military service.

The difference in their ages

No, Dennis Quaid is not Rick Harrison’s brother-in-law. The two men are actually only Eleven years apart in age, with Quaid being the older of the two.

Why some people believe they are brothers-in-law

Some people believe that Dennis Quaid is Rick Harrison’s brother-in-law because they were both married to the same woman, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid. Harrison was married to her from 2005-2012 and Quaid was married to her from 2004-2018.

How the rumor started

The rumor that Dennis Quaid is Rick Harrison’s brother-in-law started circulating online in 2012. The rumor appears to have started with a post on the message board website 4chan. The original poster claimed to be Harrison’s niece and said that her uncle had married Quaid’s sister.

The truth about their relationship

Rick Harrison from the reality television show “Pawn Stars” is sometimes referred to as Dennis Quaid’s brother-in-law. However, the two men are not actually related.

Harrison is married to Quaid’s ex-wife, Kimberly Buffington. The pair wed in 2014, just a few years after Quaid and Buffington split up.

While Harrison and Quaid are not related by blood, they do have a close relationship. Harrison has said that he considers Quaid to be a father figure, and the two men have been spotted together on multiple occasions.

Harrison’s thoughts on the rumor

Rick Harrison, of “Pawn Stars” fame, recently spoke out about the rumor that Dennis Quaid is his brother-in-law.

In an interview with GQ, Harrison was asked about the rumor, which has been circulating online for years.

“I’ve never even met the guy,” Harrison said of Quaid. “I don’t even know who he is.”

Harrison’s wife, Tracy, is the sister of actor Randy Quaid. However, Dennis Quaid is not related to the Harrisons.

Quaid’s thoughts on the rumor

Although Dennis Quaid has not commented on the rumor, Rick Harrison has. In an interview, Harrison said that he does not think that Quaid is his brother-in-law.

The reaction of their families to the rumor

The rumor that Dennis Quaid is Rick Harrison’s brother-in-law has been circulating for years, but it has never been confirmed. The reaction of their families to the rumor is unknown.

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