Does Law Die?

The 721st episode of the One Piece anime is titled “Law Dies – Luffy’s Raging Onslaught!”

Similarly, Does Law get revived?

It took a while, but the story is now delving into the long-awaited realm of Wano, and the manga’s latest chapter gave fans even another delight. Yes, you are correct. Trafalgar D. Law seems to be back in action, and the pirate is bemoaning the folly of one of his allies.

Also, it is asked, Is Trafalgar Law Dead or Alive?

Trafalgar Law is no longer in effect, as we saw in the last chapter. He battled bravely against the villainous Doflamingo, but he was ultimately defeated. Doflamingo took out a revolver and fired three shots at him.

Secondly, Who Killed Law in One Piece?

Is it true that Law dies? He’s one of my favorite anime characters, and I simply want to know whether he’s okay. I’m not interested in spoilers; all I want to know is how he’s doing. Unfortunately, Doflamingo kills him, giving Luffy the energy to defeat him.

Also, Does Law get his heart back?

Law is seen battling Vergo in the SAD Production room, bloodied and gasping for air. He uses Shambles to reclaim his heart, and just as he does, Vergo appears in front of him and kicks him in the face, sending Law back to the iron bars behind him, spitting blood.

People also ask, Does Law survive?

He notices Law laying on the ground as he looks around. Luffy, perplexed, inquires of Law as to what has occurred, but he stays unresponsive. Luffy is shocked when Doflamingo informs him that Law has died.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Law have Conqueror’s Haki?

This thread has been closed. Why can’t Law utilize the Haki of the conqueror? Despite the fact that he is a member of the D. family and is regarded one of the Worst Generation’s most deadly members, he is unable to wield Conqueror’s Haki.

Is Law’s sister still alive?

Law’s sister, Lammy, is still living.

What happened to Law after Corazon died?

After Corazon hung up, he excitedly informed Law about his plan to take the fruit first and give it to him so that Law could cure himself, which stunned Law. Law began to succumb to his condition as Corazon made contact with the Marines.

Is Law a good guy?

Despite his harsh and nasty approach towards others, Law preserves (if grudgingly) the great compassion and tenderness he had as a child, which he regained owing to Rosinante’s influence.

Is Law stronger than Luffy?

While Luffy lacks an Awakening (which Law already possesses for his own Devil Fruit), the Straw Hat Captain is unquestionably more powerful.

Does Trafalgar betray Luffy?

Is Trafalgar a traitor to Luffy? Many fans believe he would eventually betray Luffy, despite the fact that he has shown to be a loyal and trustworthy comrade to the Straw Hats. Law’s betrayal of the Straw Hats, according to the leaked synopsis, may not happen at all.

How did Law get cured?

Make a note of this question. This post should be active. I watched the episode when Law had a fever and was on the verge of passing away. His sickness was treated simply by eating the Ope Ope fruit.

Why does Law hide his name?

His name is a reference to a famous historical naval battle, so it isn’t exactly subtle to someone versed with European history. This distinguishes him from his fellow rookies, who all seem to be named after pirates or phrases linked with them.

Are Law and Luffy allies?

As a method of dethroning the monarch, Kaidou, Law offered Luffy a formal alliance with the Straw Hats. At Punk Hazard, the two battled together, capturing Caesar Clown and planning to give him to Dressrosa.

Can Trafalgar Law make immortal?

Fandom’s Immortality Operation We’re all aware of Law’s ability to make someone eternal with a simple surgery.

What is Eustass Kid Devil Fruit?

The Jiki Jiki no Mi (Jiki Jiki no Mi)

Is Doflamingo a Marine?

The Road to Piracy Doflamingo was forced to become a pirate since he was no longer permitted to return to Mary Geoise due to his father’s irrevocable decision, while his younger brother, Rosinante, departed to join a Marine. Doflamingo vowed to annihilate the planet that his old Celestial Dragons ruled.

Who is Rayleigh wife?


Will Law get conquerors?

Trafalgar Law will be unlocked at the age of six. At some time in the story’s future, a man of Law’s stature is certain to open conqueror’s haki. Law is also a competitor to Luffy and Kid, who are both said to have conqueror’s haki, thus it’s only natural that he has as well.

Does Trafalgar law have a brother?

He’s known the Dressrosa king since boyhood, but his younger brother Rosinante has always been his closest companion. Despite his hatred towards Doflamingo for murdering Rosinante, Law inherited many of his behaviors.

Does law have a sister One Piece?

Water Lami (Trafalgar Law’s Sister), Fan Art | Trafalgar Law, One Piece, One Piece Manga | Trafalgar Law, One Piece, One Piece Manga

Does Law have a lover?

Law’s love liberated him from his idea that he was nothing more than a weapon of justice. Law’s devotion finally rescued Corazon from the feeling that he was worthless. Corazon was motivated by Law’s devotion to devote his life not just to helping others, but also to improving himself.

Why did Corazon Save Law?

Despite his injuries, Corazon managed to flee with Law when Vergo turned away, prompting Doflamingo to employ his Birdcage method to stop him from fleeing with the Ope Ope no Mi, which he had already consumed. Corazon accepted the fact that his death was unavoidable and resolved to save Law.

Can kids beat Law?

The Court determined that punishment including slaps or strikes to the head is detrimental. Hitting a kid in anger or in reprisal for anything a youngster did is deemed unreasonable and is unlawful.

Can Trafalgar Law beat Luffy?

I’ve been re-watching Law’s fights, and it seems that, in general, Law would beat Luffy in a protracted battle. Law’s gamma knife and other attacks are much too strong for Luffy’s current gear 4, and he may use them at any moment.


Law is a living and breathing thing. It changes with the times, but it never dies.

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Law died on the day of his birth. It is said that he was born in 1805, and died in 1832. He was a British admiral who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleonic France. Reference: trafalgar law.

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